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(Infographic) Leading Organizational Change - The Dos and Don'ts

May 20, 2019
By Media Partners

Leading Org Change_Infograph_fullinfo.graphic3

Successful change management starts with leadership. Employees look to leaders in times of transition. That means the way leaders introduce and manage change impacts employee performance and the overall success of the initiative. 

This infographic helps leaders cultivate a change leadership mindset by outlining practical tactics they can use to remain helpful, active, and visible to their team when change comes.


The infographic features 5 things leaders do to derail change followed by the top 5 things leaders do to drive successful change. Leaders are reminded:
~ to be mindful of any of the "derailers" that apply to them and work to avoid those unproductive attitudes and behaviors
~ to see change leadership as a mindset that can be practiced every day by using all the "drivers" on a consistent basis

We hope you find this information useful and encourage you to share the infographic with others.


This infographic is based on an article by Stewart Leadership, developers of the LEAD NOW! model LEAD NOW modeland personalized leadership development program.

Through engaging insights and actionable instruction, the LEAD NOW! program helps aspiring leaders at all levels:

▪ Understand what it takes to achieve business and people results
▪ Identify personal strengths and develop in 21 leadership dimension areas
▪ Motivate individuals and teams to high performance

See a full LEAD NOW! preview in video or eLearning format HERE.

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